DrillAir™ Open Unit: Large portable air compressor range 33-39,97m³/min (1165-1335cfm), 25-30bar (365-435psig)

At Atlas Copco we understand your requirements in the tough world of industrial drilling, where reliability and easy maintenance are as essential as high-pressure air. Our DrillAir™ Open Units feature an open frame design for specialist applications and OEM system integration. They deliver high capacity, high pressure effectively, reliably and cost-efficiently. You can further enhance their fuel consumption with the innovative FuelXpert™ system, while Oiltronix™ technology enables the components to last longer. Powered by heavy-duty Caterpillar engines, DrillAir™ Open Unit compressors allow you to drill deeper and larger holes at the fastest penetration rates and with the highest productivity.

Características e benefícios

  • Economical – You can achieve large fuel savings at partial compressor load with FuelXpert™, which electronically regulates engine speed and the air inlet valve to optimize fuel consumption.
  • Energy savings and highest air volume with the DrillAir™ screw element.
  • Easy operation – With the user-friendly control panel you get comprehensive digital diagnostics, a clear display, easy parameter setting and rapid access to your stored data.
  • Smooth, fast on-road towing and high maneuverability thanks to a tandem undercarriage.
  • Ultra-reliable – Oiltronix™ V2 avoids formation of water in the compressor oil system leading to extended element lifetime.
  • Ease of transport and installation makes these units ideal for specialist applications and OEM system integration.
  • Superior cooling performance with a dedicated ‘no enclosure design’ which enables operation in very hot ambient conditions.
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Especificações técnicas

Especificações técnicas

Dados técnicos

Dados técnicos

Especificações técnicas
Pressão normal de trabalho efetivo25 - 35 bar
Fluxo de ar (FAD)550 - 630 l/s
Fluxo de ar (FAD)33 - 37.8 m³/min
Nível de potência sonora104 dB(A)
MotorCaterpillar C18 ACERT T3
Peso7200 - 10100 kg
Comprimento5.4 - 6.8 m
Largura2.25 - 2.53 m
Altura2.51 - 3.05 m

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