OEM compressors: Large portable air compressor range 4,20-36m³/min (148-1270cfm), 5-30bar (75-435psig)

To meet the needs of OEMs, Atlas Copco has designed a dedicated air-end, giving OEMs great flexibility with few restrictions. Our OEM compressor is your ideal air companion whether the power source is an engine, electric motor, hydraulic motor, PTO drive or any other source. They are suited for manufacturers of packaged air compressors, rigs, trucks and all-terrain vehicles that require an integrated air supply unit. The compact size, reliability, and versatility of the OEM range ensure high quality performance, whatever the conditions.

Benefícios ao cliente

  • High reliability – Fully operational between -25°C/-13°F and 50°C/122°F to guarantee continuous operation of your equipment in the toughest conditions.
  • Easy to install and service – All service points are within easy reach through large removable side panels. Daily service points are accessible without you having to remove any panel.
  • Low installation cost – Highly compact, with a small footprint and low weight, these compressors reduce the cost of your carrier installation and transport.
  • Highly efficient in power and fuel consumption – Atlas Copco screw elements give the highest output at lowest power demand and lowest fuel consumption.

  • Leaflet OEM Compressors_OAH 2-OAH 4 (231kB, Pdf document) Download
  • Leaflet OEM Compressors_ORV 10-ORV 12 (205kB, Pdf document) Download

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Especificações técnicas

Especificações técnicas

Dados técnicos

Dados técnicos

Especificações técnicas
Pressão normal de trabalho efetivo5 - 30 bar
Fluxo de ar (FAD)70 - 600 l/s
Fluxo de ar (FAD)4.2 - 36 m³/min
Peso550 - 1455 kg
Comprimento0.99 - 1.59 m
Largura0.94 - 1.7 m
Altura1.2 - 1.42 m

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