TwinAir™: Large portable air compressor range 56,2-63,5m³/min (1975-2232cfm),12-25bar (175-365psig)

Atlas Copco’s TwinAir™ portable compressors give you the highest volume of compressed air per square meter footprint. They are the most robust, versatile and safety enhanced air supply units on the market. Built robustly from high quality parts and powered by two Caterpillar C13 engines, these machines are designed to withstand years of heavy-duty use. For your offshore applications, versions are available with additional features such as corrugated roof, antislip protection and increased structural rigidity. All models meet the latest exhaust emission and noise directive criteria.

Benefícios ao cliente

  • Easily accessible – Controls for each engine are separate, within quick and easy reach, and include external fuel connections and emergency stop buttons.
  • Reduced downtime – Large service access doors ease accessibility to internal components for rapid cleaning and minimal downtime.
  • Easy to move around and can be stored three-high (eight-high for offshore units).
  • Safe handling – CSC certification enables TwinAir™ compressors to be easily and legally transported as container cargo (standard 20 ft ISO containers), for safe handling onshore and offshore.
  • Highly durable – Components last longer thanks to Oiltronix™, the electronically controlled oil temperature system, which extends the lifetime of air-ends, compressor components, oil and oil-separator. In addition, it prevents overheating and increases safety.
  • Highly versatile – The two compressor units in the TwinAir package can both work simultaneously or independently.

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Especificações técnicas

Especificações técnicas

Dados técnicos

Dados técnicos

Especificações técnicas
Pressão normal de trabalho efetivo12 - 25 bar
Fluxo de ar (FAD)936 - 1058 l/s
Fluxo de ar (FAD)56.2 - 63.5 m³/min
MotorCaterpillar C13 ACERT
Peso14500 - 15000 kg

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